Being Asia's largest island country, Indonesia has evolved profound cultures and unique landscapes, with traditional custom, breath-taking volcanic scenery, primitive villages and best beaches in the world, which makes the unexpected destination worthy to navigate. You can enjoy a taste of unique culture by strolling around the local street in Yogyakarta, exploring the world-heritage Borobudur and historical Prambanan, and appreciating iconic dance-dramas Barong & Keris Dance. Wanting to find vacation vibe? Doze off at pristine Bali beaches, and tranquil Holy Spring of Tirta Empul Temple. While for kicksters, Indonesia offers some of the most beautiful rivers and volcanos. Mount Batur exploration is another must-do.

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Trip name Days
Bali Family Holiday with Teenagers Ubud, Indonesia to Candidasa, Indonesia Bali Family Holiday with Teenagers 8 days $1.380 View Trip
Adventure in Bali and Java Bali‘s Kuta, Indonesia to Sanur, Indonesia Adventure in Bali and Java 11 days $1.363 View Trip
Beautiful Bali - For Solo Travellers Ubud, Indonesia to Sanur, Indonesia Beautiful Bali - For Solo Travellers 9 days $1.055 View Trip
Sailing Komodo Flores, Indonesia Komodo National Park, Indonesia to Komodo National Park, Indonesia Sailing Komodo Flores, Indonesia 3 days $311 View Trip
Classic Bali & Lombok Sanur, Indonesia to Gili trawangan, Indonesia Classic Bali & Lombok 14 days $1.322 View Trip